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Possibilities and Joy


I am bursting with possibilities and joy from this work. Multi-Dimensional YOU has been a revelation to me. I now have practices that I can use. As a community educator, I had been missing the point. I did not have the tools. Now I am more prepared to face the challenges which are more than what the eyes can see.  – Khepe-Ra Maat-Het-Heru, Principal Partner, The E.S.H.U.2 Collective

Fall Foliage

Highly recommended

Alexander L.

Accurate, in-depth knowledge and passion....You owe it to yourself to read this book. Easy to read and put into practice.  I recommend it highly and without reservation - Alexander Loyd, PhD, ND; acclaimed author of The Healing Code

Running in Nature

A Revelation to me

Barbara G.

Thank you. Thank you, for your wisdom, and your patience. You are a teacher and a gift. I feel like you did a cranial-sacral session on my psyche. I let go; totally new for me. I hope I can hold on to the changes. – Barbara G.

Mountain Lake

I Felt Empowered

Mary D.

At the recent meeting, I was very aware of the sense of a presence in the empty chair next to me. I felt it was you. As the meeting progressed, I felt moved to speak; I felt as if I was channelling you. I felt very empowered and moved by the experience. At the end of the meeting, the chairman thanked me for my participation and said that it had been extremely helpful in clarifying and synthesizing what was going on. He then added that it was so much like the kind of thing that you, Elaine, would have said had she been present. Mary D.


Abundance of Wisdom

Gwen C.

Your book feels like gourmet soul food, one bite at a time that delights the senses… yum! Multi-Dimensional YOU had a big impact on the way I now choose to live my life. I feel guided in my daily choices and have an intense desire to live fearlessly from now on. The multi-dimensional world is a place of connection, of abundance and wisdom. We can all plug in and live a more balanced and harmonious life! – Elisabeth Douglas, International Real Estate Investment Advocate & Broker

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