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Hello, old friends and new,

Welcome to my newly renovated website!  I am excited to be back online and ready to do my favorite thing - share the gifts of Energetics.

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Do you ever ask, ‘Why?’

Why is the world in such chaos right now?

Why are so many people suffering or dying from Covid?

Why did my car transmission, your AC, or your washer/ dryer give out right now when finances are so tight?

Why are our lives so constrained right now?  Etc. Etc.

Big questions and little ones too…can all be explored and better understood from a different perspective, an energetic perspective…… 

Imagine standing on the top of the Empire State Building in NY or the Needle in Seattle, Washington.  You would see/sense the world from a very different viewpoint.  Sense/feeling the world of energy is a little like that shift in perspective. It goes beyond sight, sound, taste, and touch.  It is intuitive and extra-sensory.   You may still have questions, but you would, at least, bring new insights to the issue.


Twenty years of study of Energetics (The study of how the energies or vibrations of everything affect us and how we. In turn, affect everything around us.) has given me and my clients new insights and clues to all that life offers.   Energetics has helped build inner peace and deeper understanding.   


Join me for one or a series of COACHING SESSIONS.  Let me share this invisible, but oh-so-active world that lives just beyond your traditional five senses - the dynamic world of Energetics. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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