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            My reality extends beyond the five senses to these unseen,  

                                      but very real realms.


ENERGETICS  is the study of the unseen energies, how they effect all beings every moment of every day and how we effect them.   


After twenty five years of work as a Career Consultant and Life Planning Coach, after years of study in holistic health and metaphysics, I discovered Energetics,  and was trained to sense and interpret these energies....I then introduced that awareness into my coaching work. 

In 2011,  I released my first book, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL YOU, Exploring Energetic Evolution, and its companion workbook, YOUR MULTI-DIMENSIONAL WORKBOOK, Exercises for Energetic Awakening. In it I share my personal journey to multi-dimensionality, to energy work and to a transforming world. From the third dimensional or physical perspective, this process is referred to as enlightenment or ascension, from the energetic perspective, I see it as ‘evolution’. All the changes that are unfolding as you read this page are part of that evolution.  I share my story in the hopes that it will make the unfolding changes easier and smoother for others. This perspective sheds light on the TRANSITIONS  we are each going through.  There are many wonderful gifts of this journey to a new way of being and sensing. I had wonderful guides along the path; I hope to be such a guide to others.

I call myself an ‘Energy Worker’ as well as a Coach. I introduce others to the interplay of these subtle energies and everyday life; searching for their underlying meaning and thereby gaining a deeper understanding of what is unfolding in the physical, three dimensional realms.   I allow my body to be used to balance and clear the energies I encounter.  


Many of you are also energy workers, using the energies present in different ways. Are you an Energy Worker?  Allow me to assist you to learn how to recognize and use the subtle energies?

Each step on my path, though seemingly disconnected, inexorably led me to this place and time and to the work I do now. Forty years ago, a psychic told me I would write a book. I laughed and thought, “Oh sure. What would I write about?” Today, that book is a reality and reveals the path that one seemingly traditional daughter, sister, mother and  housewife, walked.  I believe YOU can also walk the path to  greater awareness and perceptivity, the path to multi-dimensionality,  to all the gifts it offers, and to the personal and planetary evolutionary shift of all humanity.



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