Discover the concepts that will enhance

 your understanding of the changes through which you are going.




My coaching focuses on YOUR needs

I will assist you to answer your questions, discover your sensitivities, explore the non-physical realms, how they affect YOU and how YOU affect them.

My work focuses on energy, the unseen realm and vibrations that comprise all of life.  

I offer tools, techniques and new awareness that will open YOUR eyes to this unseen, but very powerful realm.

Whether you are facing physical, mental or emotional challenges, I will help you shed light on these issues so that you can function more effectively and live in greater balance, peace, and joy.

My coaching is not about Religion, Spirituality or Mediation.   Though I highly value them, they are not the focus of my coaching work.  

My special skill, is sensing, aligning and allowing the vibrations or frequencies that surround all of life, including the transition through which you are going.  I will support you as you gain a larger understanding of the universe and your life, giving you more balance and ease as you move through your current transition and into the new situation that is unfolding. 

“I will open your eyes to see differently, to sense/feel and understand more, to recognize that your original perspective was too small to see the whole picture.  I will reveal the secrets of the unseen, larger world, that I have discovered…When you have this expanded understanding, the challenges you thought you faced in the physical realm, shrink and solutions you were struggling to identify, emerge easily and are implemented effectively.  I can’t solve your problems, but I can lift the veil so that you can resolve them yourself …

Contact me and give yourself the gift of greater understanding, emotional ease and support through the challenges of change.

Take advantage of my Introductary SPECIALS


60 Minute Session for $75 (regularly $125)

3 Session Package for $300 (regularly $450)



60 Minutes Session - $125

3 Session Package - $450

Sessions are available on line via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

YOUR choice  of topic ~

Possible options to be covered:

  • Everyday understanding of energetics

  • Developing your special energy skills

  • Developing trust

  • Interpreting dreams with multi-dimensional eye-glasses

  • Answering your questions, etc.


Private Consultations

For a private consultation, please contact me via the 

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I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Have an energetically balanced day,

Elaine Seiler

Elaine is a founding member of Impact Professional

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