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Discover the concepts that will enhance
 your understanding of the changes through which you are going.

My coaching focuses on YOUR needs


As a Guide and Coach, I focus my attention on the big picture, the multi-dimensional world in which we live. I will assist you in examining the transition through which you are going from a larger perspective.  Together we will look at its gifts and challenges.  Whatever your questions, we will explore them together.   By viewing the transition from this larger perspective, you will better understand what is unfolding in your life. My particular skill is sensing, aligning, and allowing the vibrations or frequencies surrounding all of life to make greater sense and shed more light on your circumstances.


My coaching is not about Religion, Spirituality, or Mediation.   Though I highly value them, they are not the focus of my coaching work. 


Whether you are facing physical, mental, or emotional challenges, I will help you shed light on these issues so that you can function more effectively and live in greater balance, peace, and joy.


We will explore the secrets of the unseen, larger world. With this expanded understanding, the challenges you face will shrink, and solutions you struggled with will become more easily identified and effectively implemented.  I cannot offer you all the answers, but I can help you to resolve them yourself.


    •    I will open your eyes to see things differently, to sense/feel and understand more, to recognize that your original perspective was too small to see the whole picture.


    •    I will support you as you gain a more extensive understanding of your surroundings and life, giving you more balance and ease as you move through your current transition and into your new life.


    •    I will assist you in your transformation, help answer your questions, discover your sensitivities, explore the non-physical realms that affect you and that you affect.


    •    I will offer tools, techniques, and new awareness to help you through your transformation.


Contact me and give yourself the gift of greater understanding, emotional ease, and support through the challenges of change.


Take advantage of my Introductory SPECIALS – 

One - 60 Minute Session for $100 (regularly $150)

Three - 60 Minute Session Package for $350 (regularly $400)




20 Minute Consultation - FREE

One - 60 Minute Session - $150

Three - 60 Minute Session Package - $400


Sessions are available online via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime.




Information referred to in this video can be found on this website
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