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I have been coaching women for 50 years…initially as a Career Consultant, and LIfe Planning Coach.   One-on-one or in groups, my clients move from confusion to clarity, from indecision and resistance to baby steps and then clear plans to reach their goals.  We explored the actual situation as well as the subtle realms, energetic realms  beyond the world of the five senses that also influence our lives every day. 


I have spent my life committed to making the planet a more harmonious place – whether as an exchange student to France or a teacher of English in Japan. I have traveled on my own around India and SE Asia, and created an organic farm and sustainable, ecological village in Australia. I have served on school boards, community political and non-profit humanitarian organizations, as a Research Assistant to the Anthropologist, Dr. Margaret Mead. As student and teacher of Holistic Health, as the Director of a Peace Foundation, or as a consultant, I have sought the betterment of the planet.


I am the Mother of 4, Grandmother of 9; I have studied holistic health and metaphysics.  I was a homemaker until I began my Career as  Coach and Consultant.. After twenty years of work as a Career Consultant and Life Planning Coach, I discovered Energetics, or the study and use of multi-dimensional energies and their interplay with life on Earth. 


I am personally familiar with the Transition from home to career, from Marriage through Divorce to Independence, from deep friendships and loving relationships through the deaths of loved ones….And I am walking through the confusion, isolation and anxiety of Covid as are you.


My training, diverse experience and my openness to Energetics enables me to offer my clients a unique basket of skills, input and support.  I look forward to working with you…….

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