A guide for your personal evolution

Retirement, Divorce, Death,  or Global Change - virus, injustice, financial stress

I will support you to understand, cope with and thrive in your transition.

As a Guide and Coach, I focus my attention on the big picture, the multi-dimensional world in which we live. I will assist you to examine the transition through which you are going from that larger perspective.  Together we will look at its gifts and challenges.  Whatever your questions, we will explore them together.   By viewing the transition from this larger perspective, you will  gain a better understanding of  what is unfolding.
We are each multi-dimensional beings and are affected by and effect a wide range of energies that touch our reality every day. Sadly, we are not trained to notice or respond to those subtle unseen influences.  
Retirement, for example, is not just the end of your work life but may be a reflection of a whole new energetic beginning, a rebirth.   The loss of your wallet, is not just the physical loss of cash & credit cards, maybe it is the symbolic loss of one’s identity, an unconscious cry for greater self-knowledge or self-expression.  
By becoming aware of the deeper meaning of each transition,  you will gain much greater understanding of life's choices.